Lights, action… Jackpot!

Wild Rose Jefferson features both classic reel-style slots and modern video machines too. You'll be able to wager anywhere from one penny up to $5 or more per pull. So whether you are a beginner looking to learn or a seasoned pro, we'll have a chair waiting just for you. 



Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard and Raj are all in this highly integrated game, with video clips, 3D animations, character images, theme music and unique character bonuses.

The game has a multi-game base game where players can play up to four reel sets. One of ten mystery bonuses can be triggered within the base game at any time with any bet. Additionally, three scatters trigger The Big Bang Theory™ Bonus Wheel, which awards one of six bonus features:

“Large Leonard Hofstadter Collision Feature,” with free Mega symbol spins with player-selected volatility;

“Dr. Sheldon Cooper Roommate Agreement Feature,” with eight free Reel Power spins;

"Penny Friendship Paradigm Feature,” with five free scatter pay spins awarded on 4X4 reel set;

 “Howard Wolowitz Mystic Warlords Of Ka’a Feature,” where the player selects cards to reveal multipliers and credits;

“Raj Koothrappali Scavenger Vortex Feature,” where the player selects scavenger objects to reveal credits or Win All;

 “The Big Bang Theory™ Progressive Feature,” where the player selects symbols to win credits or progressive jackpot prize

HBO’s legendary epic comes to the casino floor with all of the drama, pageantry and rich details of the hit show. Players will thrill to dragons, battles, epic music and characters both revered and reviled. Game of Thrones Slot Game has three base games, each representing a main house: Stark, Lannister and Targaryen.